Nick Cannon Explains How Mariah Carey Ended up Nude on the Cover of Life & Style

Maria Carey’s photo in this week’s Life & Style reminds us of the time that Demi Moore posed pregnant for the cover of Vanity Fair. But unlike the Ghost star, who posed for leading photographer Annie Lebovitz, Carey didn’t plan for this picture to go public when it was taken.

 "That was a normal photo shoot, that wasn't really a photo shoot that we thought we were going to put out to the public," husband Nick Cannon told E! Online. "It was something we did at home, in our bedroom—one light, nothing big, no hair and makeup...And the pictures turned out so beautiful, we were like, 'The world should see this.””

Cannon added that he also took nude pictures during the shoot, but that he hopes those don’t hit newsstands. "And I don't know if people want to see me naked. Stick to Mariah. You don't want to see my butt all on the cover of a magazine. That's not fly," he joked.

The America’s Got Talent host made it clear that he is not going to be available for a few weeks after Carey gives birth – which can be any day now.  

"There's nothing more important than the birth of your children. A lot of people might be mad at me, but I'm going to check out for a few weeks."