Nia Guzman, Mom of Chris Brown’s Daughter, Breaks Silence For the First Time

Nia Guzman, Mom of Chris Brown’s Daughter, Breaks Silence For the First Time

People have so many misconceptions about you, and they just throw you into this stereotype. What’s the most untrue thing you’ve ever heard about yourself?
Gold-digging. I think this whole money issue too has been out of control. This number that people are stuck on, this $15K, this $16K… that is something that is legally calculated, from dad’s income. So, it’s not even a set number. I just want to have Royalty in a safer home. I would want it to be not leave to dad, and not be in a mansion, and huge playrooms and backyards and TV rooms, and then she comes home with me and you know, she’s in a small apartment. I just want to keep her balanced. He feels like she should have everything when she’s with him, and limited when she’s with me. And I don’t think that is ok, at all.

Obviously there was a time when things were OK. What drew you to Chris, and what ultimately drew you apart?
We had mutual acquaintances, that’s how we met, probably a good five or six years ago. And it was always just a friendship, and it was just nothing more, nothing less. It was just a friendship. And not until the custody issues were raised, that’s when we stopped talking and negativity started. But in the beginning of all this, it was all love. We both went through breakups, we both dealt with them, we both checked on each other throughout everything going on. And then to be here now is just really… is just really crazy, and it’s really hurtful. I don’t know how to get back to the way we were, until time can heal that.

Even though there’s a lot surrounding Chris, he seems to be very sweet about Royalty. What did you think about him naming his album Royalty?
I think he explained it. It was what he was going through in his life, it was what he was dealing with being a father. And he wanted to dedicate that part of his life to her. And that’s his way of expressing how he feels. I can’t say that I agreed or disagreed with it. I expressed my fears when I found out about the album cover, just of it being everywhere and her face being more out there. And the fan base, more of what she was going to have. And being that we’re not in a safe environment. I’m in a place where people can walk in and out of. It’s a pretty normal place, and I had asked, can we please figure this out until I’m able to move into safer grounds, but he went ahead with it anyway. That’s why we’re here now [laughs].

Does Royalty have a favorite Chris Brown song?
I feel like she’s been here before! She just knows the voice. So it’s not a particular favorite song, it’s just his voice. She’ll stop whatever she’s doing, like, “Oh! It’s Daddy!” And she’ll start dancing or moving her little head. It’s not necessarily a favorite song, she just knows who it is. She is definitely his child [laughs]. She’s definitely a firecracker.

What ultimately are your plans? What are plans for mama?
Eventually when everything calms down, I’m going to get my license out here for radiology, for the CT and the MRIs, nothing major. And just go back to everyday life, or what I used to live in Houston. I’ve just got to wait for everything to calm down, and maybe get some help out here. I’m trying to get my mom to move out here, and then maybe I can go forth with my life.

What do you want people to know about you more than anything?
It’s nothing hateful, ill or malicious in my bones. I want the best for everybody, and I want peace in everybody’s life, and that’s the ultimate goal. And I really just encourage the father-daughter relationship for both my children. I’ve never had an issue. I just think a lot of people think I’m just trying to take a child away from her father, that’s never been the case. And that’s what I did online yesterday. That’s not the case and never will be the case, no matter what. I’m all for it. I feel my children make their fathers better men. And I’m glad to be a part of it.