Nelly Furtado is Married!

Whoa, Nelly! Somehow Portuguese Canadian songstress Nelly Furtado went from promiscuous girl to devoted wife completely under the radar of the press.
The pop star revealed  on Entertainment Tonight Canada that she and her fiance, cubano Demacio Castellon, got married on July 19--nearly three months ago!

"It's a nice phase of my life," the pop star says. "I love it. [I'm] trying to enjoy things a little more."  Sounds like marriage is making Nelly's feel more like a bird than ever these days. " I just feel kind of free and relaxed and more in tune with trying not to be so stressed out," she added. "I'm happy ... I'm excited about the future."

We're definitely impressed that Nelly managed to keep her private life so private, but we're glad she let the cat out of the bag so we could congratulate her!