Happy Birthday Natalie Morales! Her Most Notable Journalistic Achievements

We want to wish the lovely Natalie Morales a wonderful birthday today! The stellar news anchor from NBC’s TODAY show turns 41 today, and it’s the perfect time to reflect on her many accomplishments.

As a journalist, Morales (who is of both Puerto Rican and Brazilian descent) has worked on some of the country’s biggest news stories, including but not limited to the 9/11 attacks, the 2004 presidential election, and the scandalous trial of convicted killer Scott Peterson. Before joining the Today show, Morales worked as an anchor for MSNBC, keeping her thumb on the country’s news pulse.

Without further ado, check out our list of just a few of the many important stories Morales has covered: 

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Chilean Miners

Natalie Morales covered the emotional rescue of the Chilean miners (which captured the world’s attention in 2010) when she worked for MSNBC. Check out the video below as Morales speaks in detail about one of the miners being rescued.

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Olympics Coverage

In 2012, the journalist dabbled into gymnastics for lead-up coverage to the London Olympics (watch her impressive cartwheels below). She also covered the Olympics back in 2004 when it was held in Athens, Greece, and the 2010 and 2006 Winter Olympics -  dream gigs for many journalists.

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The Golden Globes

You haven’t made it as a big-time journalist until you’ve been assigned to cover the Golden Globe Awards! Check out Morales give her two cents on the 2013 awards ceremony before it aired.

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We loved this touching story by Morales on her visit back to Brazil, her mother’s native country. She visited her 89-year-old grandmother, where she showed her photos of her two sons (whom her grandmother had never met). The journalist then visited Rio de Janeiro, where she grew up. Check out the sweet video report below:

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Other Notable Stories

We can’t finish off this piece without mentioning other hard-hitting stories Morales has covered. They include the devastating Hurricane Katrina and its recovery efforts; the war in Iraq, and the Columbia Shuttle explosion. Her hard work has definitely paid off; in 2010, the journo was awarded a Daytime Emmy award as part of TODAY’s recognition as the best morning news program.