Rapper Nas is Helping Latino and African American Students in Tech in a Big Way

Rapper Nas is Helping Latinos and African American Students in Tech in a Big Way

From the vast number of black and Latino students who switch out of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors for non-STEM fields to the massive underrepresentation of people of color in Silicon Valley, it’s clear that the world of technology suffers from a serious race problem.

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Nas is hoping to help change that.

The Queens rapper has teamed up with New York-based educational insitution General Assembly, which recently announced a new philanthropic fellowship program aimed at tackling the industry's diversity issues by providing hands-on education, mentorship, career opportunities and scholarships to women, veterans, African Americans and Latinos – groups that have long been systemically barred entry into these dynamic, and lucrative, fields.

"Nasty Nas" is joining big names like Google, Microsoft and Hirepurpose to finance the initiative.

According to the Observer, each of the donors will target a different marginalized demographic. Google, for instance, will provide funds for women, while Microsoft and Hirepurpose will offer scholarships to veterans. Nas, who has tackled the struggle of urban brown and black youth in his music for more than two decades, will sponsor African Americans and Latinos.

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The "Street Dreams" rapero’s efforts indicate that he doesn’t want to be the only person of color fulfilling their dreams and building their cream.