Naomi Campbell's Billionaire Beau Buys Her $18.5 Million Penthouse in Brazil

Is it just us, or does it pay to be crazy these days? Supermodel Naomi Campbell—who only recently was trying to dodge taking up residence in a prison cell—has somehow managed to score an $18.5 million pad in Jardins, Brazil, paid for by her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin.

The New York Post reports that after Naomi told Vladimir about her love for the South American country and her desire to "settle down there," he bought her the place as a gift for them to use as their home in Brazil.

After surprising her with the expensive gift, Naomi and Vlad went to Bahia for vacation, where they stayed in a $50,000-per-night beach house and where we're sure Vladimir got lucky like most men can only dream.

So there you have it, ladies. Throw a BlackBerry, and you might just land yourself a billionaire. Well, guess it helps to be drop dead gorgeous too...