Naomi Campbell Reportedly Enraged Over News Leak of Her Surgery in Brazil

Nothing, not even anger management classes or a serious operation, can stop Naomi Campbell when she’s angry. According to National Enquirer, (via, the tantrum-prone supermodel is mad as hell over the news leak about her hospital stay in Sao Paulo, Brazil to have a cyst removed. An insider tells the magazine, “She wanted to keep the whole thing secret and when it broke, she blamed the hospital and took it out on everyone around her…the female nurse who brought her breakfast one day left the room in tears after Naomi cursed her out.” Of course, this isn’t the first time Naomi’s lashed out at her underlings. Numerous phone-throwing incidents, including one that was triggered by a missing pair of jeans and resulted in a five-day sentence of community service, are public knowledge, and the insider adds that even the hospital staff is now laughing off the model’s fitful ways. “Several hospital employees said, only half-joking, that they were afraid she might throw her BlackBerry at them.” Wonder if she’ll upgrade her weapon of choice to a TV set after reading this news leak!