5 Things You Should Know This Morning

5 Things You Should Know This Morning

1. "Moonlight" took home the 2017 Academy Award for Best Picture on Sunday night after a huge mess up. Actor and presenter Warren Beatty initially announced that "La La Land" won the Oscar; however, midway through the cast's acceptance speech, producer Jordan Horowitz appeared on the stage.

"[Actually] 'Moonlight' is the winner ... this is not a joke," Horowitz said. 

The presenters for the award were accidentally given the wrong envelope before they walked onto the stage. The envelope they received read "Actress in a Leading Role." The confused audience erupted in applause for "Moonlight" as director Barry Jenkins, the cast and crew ran on stage to accept the win. "Even in my dreams this could not be true," Jenkins said. "But to hell with dreams." (ABC)

2. Immigration agents have recieved greater freedom to deport people under President Donald Trump. "Before, we used to be told, 'You can't arrest those people,' and we'd be discipilined for being insubordinate if we did," said a 10-year veteran of ICE. "Now those people are priorities again. And there are a lot of them here." (New York Times)

3. Jessica Alba reveals the Japanese philosophy she lives by. "I am an earthy person and I'm a tactile person — there's this Japanese philosophy called 'wabi-sabi' that I stort of live by," she said. "It's enjoying and embracing the imperfections of life" (Us Weekly)

4. Celebrities don blue ribbons at the Oscars in support of ACLU. (New York Times)

5. Camila Cabello, J Balvin and Pitbull released a preview of their new song for "Fast and Furious 8." The music video for the song, called "Hey Ma," was filmed in Cuba.  Check out the preview down below. (mitú)