EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Rodriguez Talks 'Turbo' & Coming Out: "I Wanted to Be Honest"

Michelle Rodriguez is one badass chica on and off screen. She's proof that women can be tough, beautiful, and smart.

We recently sat down with the 35-year-old Puerto Rican and Dominican starlet to talk Turbo (out on DVD now), Fast & Furious 7, women in Hollywood and her decision to come out.

See what she had to say in our exclusive interview below:

So you’re currently filming Fast & Furious 7, what’s it like to be back on set with everyone?

Oh man. It’s great, you know, I love it! These guys are like family now, 13 years in the game, knowing each other. It’s a very familiar place getting to work together.

When you started with the first film, did you think you would wind up here, filming the highly anticipated seventh movie?

Yeah, absolutely not! I didn’t think we would go beyond the first one.

Letty has gone through so much throughout this series, can we expect her to settle down a bit or will there more crazy plot twists?

I wouldn’t expect her to settle down. You know she’s not the woman who sits at home with the baby tending to the home. She’s the other kind of woman and I think Fast & Furious is progressive enough to recognize that.

We noticed your character Paz from Turbo was a lot like Letty, is there a reason you always play these strong, badass types?

I think it's cause I get bored otherwise [Laughs]. You know there’s a deep rebellion that I feel inside towards the typical, stereotypical place where a woman endures the baby boom era and is told what to be. There’s something about that, which makes me want to throw up. So, I run away from that as much as possible for my little stint of a career. And there’s a big crowd of people just like me, who I think will agree.

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