Michael Buble: "My Wife Keeps Coming Up With Names She Thinks Sound Good in Spanish"

Michael Buble is finding out that the path to being a dad has some interesting moments. Married to the Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato, the duo are expecting their first child (a son) in August, and getting there was nothing like his sexy songs.

"There was nothing sexy about it. My wife is so beautiful, but it wasn't like that," he said during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

"She was very, 'You know what Mike, it's nine o'clock on Tuesday night and we must do it now.'" 

As for the name of the baby, Buble also expressed his concerns about his wife's input. 

"My wife is killing me; we fight about the names," he said. "She keeps coming up with names that she thinks sound good in Spanish, like 'Dirt.' Dirt Buble!"

But the dad has something to bring to the table, even if it's not a name -- his crooning.