EXCLUSIVE: Meet The First Full-Time Mexican Driver In Nascar, Daniel Suarez!

Daniel Suarez Nascar Interview
Toyota Racing

Earlier this summer, the world of stock racing made a huge announcement: Daniel Suarez will become the first and only Mexican driver to compete full-time in NASCAR's Nationwide Series.

Suarez's first introduction to racing came over 10 years ago when he began karting with friends in his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. Before long, the 22-year-old knew he wanted to turn his passion for racing into a career, and he made the bold decision to take his talents to the United States and Europe. When he was just 19-years-old, he joined NASCAR's Drive for Diversity program, and began to make his racing dreams come true.

In the upcoming 2015 season, Suarez will drive a Toyota Camry for Joe GIbbs Racing in an unprecedented move faciliated by the world's richest man, Carlos Slim. The billionaire, who wants to create a pipeline of Latin American drivers to NASCAR, served as a liason between Gibbs and Suarez in the historic deal. 

We chatted with Daniel Suarez about his Nationwide Series debut, his plans for the future, and more in this exclusive interview:  

How does it feel to be the first full-time Mexican NASCAR driver?

Oh, this is an amazing day! I am super excited. I really can't explain to you with words how I am feeling right now. I am super excited, and happy to be a part of Telcel Racing. I have all these people who have supported me since I was a little kid, and now I have this awesome partnership with Gibbs Racing — one of the best race teams in NASCAR!  

How is this change going to impact racing and your life?

Well, definitely it's going to be different. Right now, in 2014, I've traveled back and forth to Mexico to race the Telmex Race, and here in the United States for Rev Racing. Next year, it's going to be completely different. We will be racing just in the States, full time, in the Nationwide Series. It will definitely be different, but I can work on my English, and work with the people here on the race teams. So, I believe that next year is going to be a huge year to develop myself and to try to be better at this great sport.

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