6 Mexican Actors Killing It in Hollywood Right Now

It’s time for Mexican actors to shine! The Brits had their time, now Mexican-born actors and actresses are making a run for the top spot in Hollywood. Check 'em out:

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1. Jaime Camil

Jaime Camil

Aside from Gina Rodriguez, Camil is the must-watch actor on The CW’s runaway hit, Jane the Virgin. As Rogelio de la Vega, telenovela star/Jane’s daddy, the Mexican actor makes campiness cool. In full Rogelio mode, the Mexican actor even stripped down for his Emmy campaign with the quote, “To the members of the press that I do not know: Thank you for stating the obvious. I love you almost as much as I love myself.”

2. Stephanie Sigman

Stephanie Sigman

Talk about being on a hot streak! Not only is the Mexican actress the first Bond Girl to ever come from her Aztec nation (see her in Spectre on Nov. 6, but she also stole the scenes in Netflix’s critically acclaimed Narcos. Up next: Sigman will be part of the stellar cast of John Ridley’s American Crime.

3. Luis Gerardo Mendez

Luis Gerardo Mendez

As the star of Club de Cuervos, Netflix’s first all Spanish-language original series, Mendez is bringing Royal Tenenbaums humor to Latin America. Before his Netflix days, Mendez’s We Are the Nobles comedy became Mexico’s highest-grossing film ever with $28 million.

4. Eugenio Derbez

Eugenio Derbez

How do you follow-up Instructions Not Included, the highest grossing Spanish language film in North America? Well, if you’re the Mexican funnyman, you have Ken Marino direct your debut English-language starring role in Latin Lover. Next year, he'll also co-star in Miracles From Heaven (Jennifer Garner, Queen Latifah), a tearjerker based on the Christy Beam book, Three Miracles From Heaven.

5. Karla Souza

Karla Souza

She’s one of the stars of Shonda Rhimes’ latest ratings marvel, How to Get Away With Murder and Souza also knows her worth as a woman. Souza told GQ Mexico that she was not going to be in a bra and panties for their cover. “I wanted sophisticated, fancy, nice and beautiful and sexy, but not that,” she told E!

6. Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez

Stunning Gonzalez is the perfect actress to ever attempt to portray Salma Hayek’s classic role of Santanico Pandemonium. In the El Rey’s From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series she is alluring, sensual and bloodthirsty as a true vampire queen should be.