Merry Pecs-Mas! 6 Hot Photos of William Levy's Chest

We got you the best Christmas present ever! Go ahead and open it: Click through photos of William Levy's chiseled chest!

Merry Pecs-Mas, mujeres!

1. Levy Pecs: Univision Telenovela 3

Yes. Yes. Yes. William looks like a total boss in this photo. A hot telenovela boss on vacation.

2. Levy Pecs: Photo Shoot

William, can you scoot over and make room for us? Thanks.

3. Levy Pecs: People en Espanol

William was chosen as the 'Sexiest Man in 2012' by People en Español and, by a look at his cover, we have an inkling as to why. The man is as close to perfection as it gets - don't you agree?

4. Levy Pecs: JLo Music Video

We love that Jennifer Lopez picked William for her “I’m Into You” music video – it was the perfect decision. What we want to know is – why the long face J.Lo? If we were in tropical paradise and in the arms of this shirtless man, caressing his chiseled arm… we would look a lot happier than that.

5. Levy Pecs: Univision Telenovela

He must know what he's doing to us is wrong. He has to. The man needs a cautionary label.

6. Levy Pecs: Univision Telenovela 2

It looks like William's having a business call on the beach in this scene from a telenovela. Lucky us. He can continue his business calls as long as he keeps his shirt off and we can enjoy the view.