EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Iglesias Talks MTV's 'Girl Code' Season 2 & Being Puerto Rican!

Do you have any favorite Puerto Rican dishes?

My mom makes the best pernil. It’s delicious! She calls me up constantly to tell me, “I’m making your favorite food tonight!” She lives in Florida, so it’s her way to bribe me into coming back home.

I also just started making arroz con pollo with beans. It’s not anywhere as good as my mom’s...not even close! I don’t know what her secret is. She tells me I need to have a the kitchen pot for 15 years, but I’m only 26! 

How do you embrace your Latino heritage in your everyday life?

Well, I live in Manhattan now. It’s definitely a part of my everyday life. It’s a huge part of me. I live in New York, so I’m lucky that there’s a million amazing restaurants. When a guy takes me on a date, I usually choose something Latin. I go to dance meringue or salsa once a month. That’s how I embrace it! In New York, you can just walk out the door and do something festive! 

What comes next for you? 

I’m getting a lot of requests to do acting. I’ve started growing with MTV and MTV2, and I started taking classes in hosting and in improv. I love comedy. I made my castmates laugh, which is good. I want to continue writing–in fact, I just wrote a pilot that is going into production in the near future! I can’t talk about it yet, but I will come to you guys immediately when I can! 

Awesome! Any final words for Latina.com?

I’m really excited about MTV Girl Code! Be sure to watch!

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