EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Iglesias Talks MTV's 'Girl Code' Season 2 & Being Puerto Rican!

Melanie Iglesias hardly seems like a woman who needs advice about relationships, men, or dating. The beautiful, intelligent Latina is the 2010 winner of Maxim's Hometown Hotties competition, the vibrant personality behind a successful YouTube channel, a thriving model, and one of the funnygirls who have made MTV's Girl Code a smash success. 

On Girl Code, the boricua regularly dishes out words of wisdom to viewers, but she admits that sometimes she's the one who needs the advice: "I learned I'm not alone in the things I go through," she told us. 

We caught up with the Puerto Rican television personality and chatted about her Latina heritage, her favorite foods, and what comes next: 

What can we expect from season 2 of Girl Code? 

Season 2 is going to have a lot more sketches, and basically a lot of different things we’ve never done before! It’s very funny and entertaining, especially the girls. There’s someone to relate to in the cast. I think that when girls watch it, their going to relate to what we’ve saying. They’re going to find things they’ve also gone through before. 

Every time we do a season of one of the code shows [Girl Code, Guy Code], I become more comfortable with who I am. I think that’s the biggest deal with me: I become more open and honest, and there’s almost like a vulnerability. 

What has been your favorite part of being a cast member?

The best part is just growing as a person. I become more comfortable with myself. The things that we say–it feels like a candid interview. When they ask me candid questions–things that girls can actually relate to–I feel like I’m doing a service to the young women out there.

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