Meet William Levy's New Girlfriend

If you were wondering what exactly went down to cause the Levy-Gutierrez split, well, we got the answer for you. It was another woman. We knew William Levy was just too damn perfect! Apparently the Cuban telenovela actor has been seeing Barbara Lopez, the 19-year old (yes, that young!) daughter of television producer Reynaldo Lopez.

According to TvNotas, Levy, 30, met the teenager at a tribute party thrown for Carla Estrada (the woman responsible for producing many of Levy’s telenovelas) and apparently it was instant attraction. The affair was revealed because Levy skipped some shoots for his latest telenovela Triunfo Del Amor because he chose instead to gallivant around Cancun with Barbara. Apparently, someone (we don’t know who) filmed and shot pictures of the couple together while they were vacationing and...wait for it—sent the photographic evidence to Levy's long-suffering love Elizabeth Gutierrez. Faced with irrefutable evidence, Guttierez decided to split, and we can't blame her.

But the story gets even more escandoloso! Rumor has it that Levy's ex has shopped the tape to a TV network and it's going to be broadcast sometime soon.