Meet Master Impersonator Shakiro!

Rodolfo Burgos, a contestant on the hit reality singing competition "Yo Soy" in Chile, stood up in front of a panel of judges and declared, "Yo Soy Shakira" (I am Shakira) before proceeding to sing a cover of the Shaki hit "Gitana," that wowed the show's panel of judges.

Although Rodolfo's performance initially drew a number of puzzled stares from the judges (and the show's host had his hand over his mouth to hold back his laughter), they eventually came around and praised Burgos' performance. And we're not surprised! If you close your eyes and just listen to him (without looking at him), Rodolfo does sound quite a bit like Shakira. 

Even Shakira was impressed tweeting: "Les presento a Shakiro! Me encantaría conocerlo cuando vaya a Chile," along with a link to the Youtube video featuring his performance below: