EXCLUSIVE: Mayra Veronica Talks New Music, Cuban Heritage, and the USO

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Cuban-born singer and model Mayra Veronica is one extraordinary mujer

The cubana tore up Billboard charts with hot dance hits like "Freak Like Me" and "Mama Mia", but the bombshell is much more than a powerhouse vocalist. In her spare time, Veronica donates her time to charity and serves as a spokeswoman for the adorable vintage-inspired clothing label Bettie Page. She also has some pretty remarkable experiences from her work with the USO -- including a tour that landed her right in the center of Osama Bin Ladin's capture. 

We chatted with Veronica about her music, her Latina heritage, and her crazy experiences with the USO: 


So you just signed with Simon Cowell’s label. What comes next? 

We are working on a ton of songs as we speak. We’re working with The Sons of The Buena Vista Social Club out of Cuba, and other Spanish songs. Also, we’re adding in some English top lines. We’re trying to stick to that genre of pop dance, but with a little bit of a Latin flavor. We are going on tour soon, and we’re going to be going to London, France, and Italy. We’re scheduled to do that and just promote my new song -- "Mama Mia.”

In the future do you think you want to do more of the bilingual music, or do you think you’ll stick to English language?

It’s funny, right before this song, we did a song called “Freak Like Me”, which got on the Billboard charts. So we’ve tried both. I think the combination of both is working out very well. Kind of like what Pitbull does --  he throws in a little bit of Latin flavor. We’re doing that, but as a female.

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