Max & Emme Turn 3!

Happy Birthday, Max and Emme! Three years ago today, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony welcomed their twins, Maximilian David and Emme Maribel, into the world. These model tots may live in luxury with two uber-famous parents, but they are also just like regular kids who enjoy playgrounds, goofing off and clinging to mom and dad. Check out how these two have spent the past year of their 'normal' life.

1. Max & Emme: Sunglasses

Max goofs around with a piar of sunglasses and tells the world that his dad is his hero on his shirt while playing by the pool in Miami in January 2010.

2. Max & Emme: Emme Sleeping

After a plane ride to Paris in April 2010, Emme keeps snoozing in her mom's arms.

3. Max & Emme: Boat

Max hangs on tight to his mom while going on a boat ride off the coast of Miami in April 2010.

4. Max & Emme: Carousel

While in Moanco in July 2010, Jennifer Lopez let Emme and Max (not shown) ride on a carousel.

5. Max & Emme: Swinging

Max lets his twin sister Emme have a turn on the swings while at a park in Los Angeles with their mom in August 2010.

6. Max & Emme: American Idol set

Max and Emme both make silly faces when heading to see their mom on the American Idol set in Pasadena, California on December 10, 2010.

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