Matthew McConaughey: Camila is "the Love of My Life"

Matthew McConaughey gave an early valentine to his girlfriend Camila Alves, by telling People that she is "the love of my life."

"I always wanted to be a father and thought it would be great, but it just took the right woman and the right time to make it all happen," he said after running Sunday's Nike + Human Race in Austin, Texas. Guess those exercise endorphins have been making Matthew giddier than usual.

"[Camila] is the love of my life," he said after crossing the finish line. "Everything is right. It's all good."

After the run, Matthew, Camila and their baby boy Levi Alves McConaughey headed straight to a Ben Harper concert—Levi's second show after a recent John Mellencamp extravaganza. Clearly toting around a baby hasn't slowed down the adventurous couple. "We have a little bit more prep time put into going places and doing things, getting him ready and everything," Matthew explains. "But it's amazing."

"We're a family now," he adds. "I see the future and it's clearer to me now. Walking around with this cool responsibility all the time, it's a wonderful thing."

Though we were skeptical at first, we are officially on board with Matthew and his new role as devoted partner and father. Looks like a cheetah-printed speedo can change his spots!