EXCLUSIVE: Matt Hunter Talks New Music, Celeb Crushes & Latin American Tour

So you’re turning 16 in February. Are you getting your drivers license? 

I think so! I’m actually a resident of New Jersey, because I was born there before I moved to New York. I can get my license earlier since I have a house in Jersey. When I’m sixteen, I’ll get it.

Do you have a dream car?

Yeah, I want a sports car, like a Mercedes or Lamborghini. It doesn’t matter, I just want it to be fast.

So, you’re in 10th grade. What’s the plan when you graduate? Do you want to go to college?

I’m definitely planning on taking some sort of college courses, depending on how busy I am at the time.

So you mentioned that yesterday you went skydiving! Are you a big risk-taker?

Yeah! I’m into extreme sports, and I skateboard.

That’s awesome! Is there anything left on your extreme sports bucket list?

I really want to go bungee jumping! 

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