EXCLUSIVE: Matt Hunter Talks New Music, Celeb Crushes & Latin American Tour

Justin Bieber – step aside! Matt Hunter, the newest Latino pop sensation, is making waves all over the Internet with this newest hit, Right Here, Right Now. 

After listening to his swoon-worthy tunes like Mi Señorita, it’s easy to see why Latina teens are going loca for the pop star. 

The fifteen-year-old singer, who got his start as the voice behind Diego from Dora the Explorer, boasts an Italian father and a Colombian mother. He’s exceptionally proud of his Latino heritage, singing in both English and Spanish and engaging with fans on social media in both languages. His avid fan base of #HUNTERS love the bilingual colombiano, and have pushed his popularity through the roof. The singer now boasts over 400,000 Twitter followers, not to mention an incredibly enthusiastic base of fans that could give #Beliebers and #Directioners a run for their money. 

All those #HUNTERS are about to be really jealous: we met with Matt at 7:30 a.m. on a brisk autumn day at one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks -- the Empire State Building. Polite and well-dressed, Matt struck us as a Latino whose mamá clearly taught him right: he’s a complete gentleman and seems to be far older than his 15 years. Yet, Matt still retains the youthful, boyish quality that his fans love. The native New Yorker runs around the 86th Floor Observation Deck, followed by a cameraman, engaging his fans with a mixture of Spanish and English commentary on his home city. When someone suggests we step into an elevator to travel up even higher -- to the 103rd floor -- Matt cooly announces, “I went skydiving yesterday. I jumped off a plane at 20 times this height!” 

The pop star recently released a new EP, available throughout Latin America and on iTunes. We sat down to chat about his career, his Latino heritage, his celebrity crush, and his plans for the future.

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