Massy Arias Reveals What She Plans to Name Her Baby

Massy Arias Announces What She Hopes to Name Her Little Girl

Massy Arias is only a little over three months along, but she's already gushing about her future mami moments.

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The fitness star recently announced on Instagram that she and partner Stefan Williams will soon be welcoming a third member into their family. Despite previously explaining how sick she felt from her pregnancy, she now seems to be feeling better and is focusing on what to name her unborn baby.

“If I have a little girl, Sarah Harper is the name I’ve chosen. Thoughts?” she tweeted to her 80K+ followers. Her fans dutifully responded, most in agreement that her daughter’s name would be a thumbs up. “Now I really, really, really appreciate my mom… the thing a woman has to go through during pregnancy are heroic. #Godblessmothers,” Arias wrote after the announcement.

Throughout her first few months, the Dominicana has been open and honest about the changes her body will take, the physical difficulties, and her ongoing workout process. All eyes will soon be on Arias even more when she has little Sarah Harper in hand!

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