EXCLUSIVE OUTTAKES: Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

Want to know more about our May 2016 cover star Massy Arias? Check out these exclusive quotes from her cover shoot:

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1. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On her childhood: "My childhood was great. I grew up with five brothers and my step-sister and my cousin. We were a big family, so family to me is huge. My parents were extremely strict. My stepdad is in the military, so you know how we grew up (laughs), everything had to be a certain way. My mom is a Nurse Practitioner, was because she is retired now. I’ve been blessed to have been born in a family where I saw only hard work."

2. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On learning English: "I started hanging out with everybody who wasn’t Latino, and that’s how I learned how to adapt, the language, and pase mucha (I went through a lot), but it worked."

3. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On the body she built: "I don’t have a Latina body; I don’t have any curves. I built my curves. I’m suppose to be tall, lean, square, no hips. I have a very athletic body, and I had a very hard time putting on weight."

4. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On inspiring others: "It’s such a great blessing to be able to help my own or people who have gone through any bad experience. Most of my following — even though I have so many people from around the world — but a lot of my followers are minorities, young Latinas and black girls."

5. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On almost going to medical school: "So I spent eight months, I believe, at Presbyterian Hospital in the Ronald McDonald House just taking care of my brother and my mom while I was still working and going to school. So it was right there that I was like, this is not for me. It was just eating me inside…It’s like you start building up a relationship with the other kids and the parents. The next thing you know, a week later they die. So we spent a lot of our time there, I knew this was not for me."

6. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On building an Instagram following: "I was reading personal trainer books because again I didn’t want to misinform people, so most of the stuff I was posting was things I was doing for myself, and I would tell them I’m not a personal trainer. I’m posting things that I do so…you know, do your research first. This is what I’m doing and what’s working for my body. I am learning with you guys, so from the get-go it’s been a genuine account, genuine relationship with the people that follow me."

7. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On the decision to get breast implants: "I like to feel like a woman, and breast are fat tissue. I had no fat! I’m muscle, I have very little fat, so I was just building pecks like men, like a body-building chest, so…I went very small. I don’t like attention that much, even though my account is my body and my business. I don’t like that type of attention on me."

8. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On bodybuilding: “So this competition, another person judges you, so when you’re on stage, they’re like ‘Well, you need bring down you legs because your legs are too huge and they’re disproportion to your body.” It was always something, and even though I was winning, I didn’t feel healthy. So if my message was about health and wellness, I felt like a hypocrite. I carry my brand through integrity.”

9. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On obsessing over health and fitness: “There was a time where I was obsessed, where I was just counting calories like it was like my life. It was just not healthy and I started like getting so cranky, my skin started getting bad, I was getting my period twice a month, hormonally there was something changing. I was no longer healthy.”

10. Massy Arias' May 2016 Cover Shoot!

On her message: "My message is not only about a body. It’s a message about health and wellness, it’s about independence, a message about being a great role model for young girls who have dealt with issues that I dealt with before, so I’m proud of what I built and I’m still building."