Mark Sanchez Receives Death Threats on Twitter

One crazed fan is taking his love for football way too seriously by threatening to kill Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez via social media.

According to Zap2it, the suspect (@BraveGrancru) sent the 26-year-old player a slew of death threats on Twitter during Monday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. It was reported that his Twitter profile was removed, but is has since been reactivated.

“DON'T COME TO PRACTICE WEDNESDAY I PROMISE YOU BULLETS EVERYWHERE .. @Mark_Sanchez” read one of @BraveGrancru’s tweets last night. The loaded sentence was re-tweeted more than 30 times, and more than 10 people made it their “favorite.”

The website also reports that @BraveGrancru sent several threatening Tweets to the Jets, telling the team that Sanchez “better have armed security at practice !!” “You think imma sit here and watch this bull**** ?" the angry fan added.

Sanchez was benched because, according to Zap2it, Jets head coach Rex Ryan believes in the "better late than never" approach.

@BraveGrancru later said he didn’t really mean the threat, and has been responding to people on Twitter that he now has no problem with Sanchez. But it still didn’t sit well with a few Twitter users, who responded to @BraveGrancru’s threat. Today, @jeffmelton1 wrote: “BraveGrancru dude its just football..."

Our thoughts exactly.