Mark Sanchez Makes Giving Simple

New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez, is putting his time during the football lockout to good use. He’s partnered up with Sam’s Club and the charity campaign Giving Made Simple.

“Basically what Sam’s Club is doing is donating $2 million through the month of July to four different charities. Alliance for a Healthier Generation, The Y[MCA], Oasis, and Sesame Street, all different demographics and they’re promoting the prevention of chronic disease,” Sanchez said on ABC News.

“Whether it’s oral health care or staying active when you get to your 50s and older, they’re giving back with every vote,” he continued. Sanchez also said this was a perfect partnership for him since for his line of work, he needs to stay healthy, so promoting being active was a no-brainer for him. 

The process for the donation is decided by vote, so visit to support your favorite charity. There is a personal donation of five dollars per vote included.

Watch the interview below: