Mark Consuelos Sounds Off on Parenting: "I Love My Kids, But I am Not Their Friend"

It's a well known fact that Mark Consuelos is one of the sexiest dads in Hollywood, but did you know he's also one of the strictest?

The Alpha House star dished on his parenting techniques and wife of 17 years, Kelly Ripa, in an interview with Yahoo!

According to the papá, who currently stars as Sen. Andy Guzman on Alpha House, he doesn’t mind being known as a strict parent.

“I love my kids, but, I’m not their friend. I don’t even like them very much!” the 42-year-old father jokes, “I’m there to make sure of three things: they stay out of rehab, the morgue, and jail.”

But, what’s his strategy on keeping his three children in line? “My default answer to anything my kids ask is no,” he explains, “Punishment is also a lecture. The eyes glaze over and I go into my speeches.” 

The actor has been married to Kelly Ripa, the host of Live With Kelly and Michael, for nearly two decades. How do they keep the spark alive in a house full of children? “I’m really hot for her,” he said. “She does it for me in a major way. She’s extremely patient and tolerant.”

The actor, however, always brings the focus back to their family. “Three kids will make any problem you think you’re having kind of small,” he said.

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