Mario Lopez's Ego Takes Center Stage in 'A Chorus Line'

Mario Lopez seems to be the biggest diva on Broadway these days. Since taking on the lead role of Zach in A Chorus Line, Mario has reportedly been driving the cast and producers of the show crazy with his A-list demands.

According to, Mario refuses to wear Zach's costume, which has long sleeves, because they don't show off what he considers to be his best assets—his arms. To make matters worse, he also insists that he have the best body onstage. Any other actors, including his co-star Nick Adams, have to stay covered up at all times.

Who knew Mario was so into his arms? We always thought his backside was his best asset. Thankfully he's not insisting on performing with no pants on. Actually, come to think of it, if that were the case we might actually have more interest in going to the theater...