Mario Lopez's Broadway Run Cut Short by Katie Holmes

Mario Lopez's time in the spotlight may be coming to and end a little sooner than he anticipated. The Broadway star, who is currently playing the lead in A Chorus Line, will reportedly see his show end early so the theater can be used for Katie Holmes Broadway debut in All My Sons.

A source explains to MSN, "Musical theaters have more seats than a traditional playhouse, so they can sell more tickets each week. That's how the show ended up at the Schoenfeld Theater (where Chorus Line runs). Because of the All My Sons rehearsal schedule, they had to cut Mario Lopez's run in A Chorus Line."

So how is Mario taking the bad news? "He's pissed," said the source. "Let's face it, he doesn’t have much going on right now." It's not like he's busy shooting underwear ads or anything.

Could this be divine payback for Mario's philandering ways and gigantic ego? Someone should have warned him that karma's a bitch.