Mario Lopez is 'Rated M'

We all knew he was in shape, but now Mario Lopez is expanding the reach of his physique into his own line of “Rated M” briefs, Blogamole reports.

The 38 year-old host of Extra developed the brand with the letter “M to mean “Modern” or “Masculine” or whatever his customers want it to mean for them, rather than to stand for Mario. The waistband of the underwear preaches a message to its customers/wearers, “For manful men and their very special guests.”

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Lopez is promoting the brand using his best asset – himself. He is using viral videos of himself wearing the briefs, a special website for the brand, and a Twitter page for “Rated M” in order to publicize his new product, especially during the holiday shopping season.

The former Saved By The Bell star is already involved with developing side projects like his recently released children’s book, “Mario and Baby Gia,” along with three fitness books.

Who better to promote a brand of underwear than a man with famous abs?