Mario Lopez on Eva Longoria Parker: "We Get a Laugh" Out of Pregnancy Rumors

While the blogosphere continues to speculate whether she is or isn't, Eva Longoria Parker is keeping a good sense of humor over the rumors of her pregancy.

"We get a laugh out of it," her best friend Mario Lopez told People on Thursday, after hosting the live finale of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. "She's really cool. She just takes everything as it comes."

Baby bump chatter has reached a fever pitch this week, when Eva was spotted looking almost undeniably preggers on a date night with her hubby Tony Parker, and her statement to Latina about admiring Jennifer Lopez's pregnancy-denial tactics haven't exactly helped.

Mario insists that the rumors never bother Eva, who has said she's been putting on weight for her role on Desperate Housewives. "She doesn't [read about herself], but I think people tell her," he explained. "She's very calm and very secure. She knows people are always going to [talk]. That stuff doesn't bother her. She gets a kick out of it."

Hmm, when Mario says Eva gets a "kick" out of it, could he mean a kick from the baby (or babies) in her belly? We know we're pushing this pregnancy thing, but those pictures are mighty convincing, and since celebs have a history of issuing denials one day and confirmations the next, we're not ready to close the book on this one yet.