Mario Lopez Talks Biggest Fear & Memoir

Getty Images

Mario Lopez is a successful TV host, a certified hunk, a loving papá and husband, and an all-around great guy.

But even Lopez isn't superhuman. The X Factor host revealed his greatest fear to The Huffington Post in a candid #NoFilter interview

"Failing," he admitted.

The 40-year-old also dished on his favorite splurge foods (popcorn and M&Ms), when he feels most as peace (with his family), and joked about winter being the most overrated thing right now. 

When asked about the last time he cried, the father-of-two adorably admitted it was at his daughter's recital. “I was crying of laughter,” he says, “Because she was so good, and then I was proud, and then she was funny -- so all those things made me cry.”

Lopez also discussed his upcoming autobiography. “Well, I happen to be working on a memoir right now, and I’m trying to think of a title, so you should help me out with one! You know, I turned 40 last month, and I thought I’d kind of take a fun look back at what I’ve learned and the things I’m going through right now.” 

Read the full (hilarious!) interview at The Huffington Post.