Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff: Off or On?

What's happening with Mario Lopez and girlfriend Karina Smirnoff? After reports surfaced yesterday that the couple had split, supposedly due to Karina's close relationship with another Mario (her Dancing with the Stars partner), Karina herself is squashing break-up rumors: "Mario and I are going strong," the dancer told "We are totally fine—and I'm not moving out!"

Mario himself has remained silent. The actor is currently in New York, working the boards on Broadway as the lead in A Chorus Line. Two weeks ago, he told that rumors of a Karina-Mario hook-up were "funny." But Karina insists that neither distance (she's living in LA, Mario is in New York) not a hot new dance partner can keep her and Mario apart: "He is a great guy, and I support him 100 percent, and I know he supports me."

Living apart? Spending lots of time with another man? Rumors of infidelity? No matter how much she denies it, sounds like Smirnoff is on the rocks to us.