Mario Lopez Talks ABDC, Wedding Plans, And More!

Let’s face it. Mario Lopez has only gotten dreamier since his Saved By The Bell days. The Mexican American actor isn’t just one of the hardest working hosts in the industry with shows like, America’s Best Dance Crew, Extra, and On With Mario Lopez, but he’s also a dedicated family man.

We spoke exclusively to Lopez about the new season of ABDC, his wedding plans with fiancée Courtney Mazza, and being a father to his 8-month-old daughter, Gia Francesca. Check it all out below!

Do you have any favorites on America’s Best Dance Crew this season?

"It’s hard to have favorites because they are all so good! I do like that the dance groups keep getting younger and it shows a lot of the talent out there. They deserve the spotlight and I think it’s a great platform for these teams like ICONic Boyz last season and 8 Flavahz this season. Just seeing them shine is cool."

Now as a Dancing With The Stars alum, do you have any advice for the contestants on this season?

"I would just say to try to have fun when you hit the dance floor. Have fun and the audience will have fun with you. Don’t try to think about it too much."

You mentioned that the next DWTS season would be an all-star special. Are you thinking of joining the cast?

"It hasn’t been confirmed yet. They reached out to me, but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to pull it off. I’ll see how it goes because I just have so much on my plate right now. We’ll see."

Congrats on your engagement! How is wedding planning going?

"It’s going all right. You know, she’s handling most of it and I’m covering the reception. I just want us to have a great party (laughs). It’s going to be fun. I can’t wait. We are doing a wedding special on TLC so you’ll get to see all the details on that."

Are you guys thinking of having a traditional ceremony?

"Yeah, it’s going to be pretty traditional. It’s a destination wedding in Mexico. It’s going to be relatively big, but not too big. It’s still a ways away so we haven’t figured out all of the details yet."

We also got to see your journey to fatherhood on Saved By The Baby. How is fatherhood treating you?

"It’s great! She’s amazing. I love being a dad and I can’t wait for us to have more kids. It’s awesome. Hopefully I’ll get a boy!"

What do you love most about fatherhood?

"Just everything. Fatherhood compliments your life in every way. She’s the best. I look forward to the mornings with her. Even if I’m not having a great day, I look at that little face and it’s all worth it."

Catch Mario Lopez on America's Best Dance Crew tonight at 10pm on MTV.