Mariah Carey's Second Wedding Party: Surprisingly Laid Back

There was tons of speculation that Mariah Carey was planning the wedding bash to end all wedding bashes after her quickie marriage to Nick Cannon. The once larger-than-life diva, however, is getting pretty good at quietly throwing off the media frenzy. She finally had that party last weekend, but it wasn't the grandiose spectacle we expected. In fact it was "about the most elegant, laid-back event of the Hamptons season so far, and also the most private," according to Fox News.

The belated wedding celebration was hosted at the Bridgehampton home of Island Def Jam's president Antonio "L.A." Reid. Swans filled the ponds and guests nibbled on gourmet pizza and soul food in several stations across the backyard. DJ Cassidy played old-school R&B tunes while guests, which included Mary J Blige, Samuel Jackson, Russell Simmons, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, danced the night away under a tent.

As for hubby and wife? They were seen displaying all the signs of marriage bliss with Nick described as being "very protective" and showering her with attention. They also had a blast. At one point MC told the reporter, "I'm going to dance up a storm. It's the one thing I do really well!" (Uhhh...what about hitting impossibly high notes?)

We must admit we've been guilty of A) believing a huge tabloid-attended, hundreds of millions of dollars, celeb-filled spectacle was in the works and B) not being 100 percent sure about the whole "married after 2 months of dating" thing. It looks like the jokes on us, though. Good for you, Mariah and Nick, you lovebirds!