Mariah Carey's Blowout Wedding Plans

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Subtlety is not really Mariah Carey's thing, so it's no surprise that the recently-married songstress is hard at work planning a lavish, $4 million ceremony in New York to celebrate her marriage to rapper/actor/DJ Nick Cannon. According to, the do-over will boast more than 2,000 guests (including Naomi Campbell), 14 bridesmaids and—undoubtedly—pictures for the highest-bidding publication. A source says, "it's going to be held in New York City in the next six weeks. Picture a wedding on the scale of Liza Minnelli's [to David Gest] and you'll be right on track."

Err, Liza and David's high-profile soiree resulted in a messy divorce, as did Mimi's own last wedding to record mogul Tommy Mottola. We wish Mimi would learn from history and keep her private life private. Unless, of course, it's money and publicity, not love, that's keeping her and Nick together...



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