Mariah Carey: Three Nights, Twenty Suitcases

Even though the economy is crumbling, unemployment is on the rise and most Americans are trying to shave dollars and cents from their household budgets, it's business as usual for Mariah Carey.

The divalicious singer isn't making any attempts to cut back on her ostentatious lifestyle, evidenced by the fact that she hauled twenty suitcases with her for a three day trip to London.

Twenty! Considering how much excess baggage charges have increased these days, Mimi could have probably bought herself another ticket for the same price she paid to travel her bags.

UK's Daily Mail reports that the singer and her husband Nick Cannon needed two huge trolleys to carry their bags, and porters pushing them through Heathrow airport seemed bemused by their haul. Hopefully they got hazard pay and heavy tips for their efforts.

Nick, Mariah and their bags were greeted by throngs of fans at their hotel, the posh Dorchester in Hyde Park, where the are relaxing (with champage and caviar, natch) before Mimi makes a guest appearance on the UK show X-Factor, a special request by judge/producer Simon Cowell.

No word on how many times Mimi will change outfits during her performance of her hit single "I Stay in Love" on the telecast.