Mariah Carey Still Registered at Bergdorf Goodman

What do you get the girl who has everything? Just ask the bridal registry department at Bergdorf Goodman. Even though Mariah Carey's attempts to finally throw a wedding party were thwarted by her failure to get a photo agency to pay for it, she still expects gifts from her high-class friends.

Some things she's still wishing and hoping and praying and waiting for: a sterling silver frame for $1,695, and two dozen champagne flutes that cost about $500 each. You may think she's tacky, but you can't call Mimi cheap.

A source tells MSN, "It looks bad, but she feels like you never know when someone might want to buy a gift or when her dream wedding in New York could be back on. Who wants to rebuild a registry?" Do divorce lawyers sell gift certifcates? That would be one present we all know she'll appreciate in the long run.