Mariah Carey on Marriage: "Best Thing Ever!"

And they said this would never last. Mariah Carey and her husband of just over half a year, Nick Cannon, are as happy as ever. Since tying the knot last April, the couple have been practically attached at the hip, walking red carpets, shopping and making club appearances on both coasts.

The singer told Us Weekly at the Whitney Museum of Art gala in New York City that married life is "amazing! It's the best thing ever." She was at the gala to support her hubby, who DJed the after party.

We were skeptical before, but now we know that Nick and Mariah are for real. How? Well, Mimi's put a little of the extra padding back on the svelte body she was rocking on her wedding day, and if there's on thing we ladies know, its that you only let yourself go like that when you're really in love.

Even with the few extra pounds, Mimi looks gorgeous and in love. Besides, we're pretty sure that Nick won't have a problem giving her a few extra workouts in the bedroom should she want to drop a few!