Mariah Carey Knows What It Means to Be A Woman

Forget gynecological visits, sexy outfits and years of dating men — Nick Cannon says it was the birth of 'dem babies (twins Monroe and Moroccan) that taught his wife Mariah Carey what it means to belong to the fairer sex.

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"She really knows what being a woman is about now," Cannon told at Las Vegas’s Chateay Nightclub. "This whole journey has been eye opening, she'll tell you that."

Mariah and Nick Welcome 'Dem Babies on their Anniversary

Cannon says becoming a dad has also been eye opening for him, especially when it comes to his priorities. "It's just the beginning, so I'm expecting it to change a little more," he said, adding that he is "growing every day and knowing that I have to be an example for two lives.” 

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