Mariah Carey is Going to Pop "Any Moment Now"

Yes, Mariah Carey is somehow still pregnant...

But here's the good news: Nick Cannon says "dem babies" are ready to meet the world!

Cannon, who is of course Mimi's husband, (but also seems to be on retainer as her personal publicist during her pregnancy) was a guest on Thursday's episode of CBS' The Talk, and said his wife is due "any moment now."

When he was asked how Mimi is doing, Cannon said, "She's doing amazing, but literally it's any moment now. It's not even any day now...she is ready to just pop." 

Cannon said he and Mimi are all set for the arrival of their twins. "The baby nurse and all that is ready. [The] bags are packed! I don't know why I'm here!" he joked to the all-female talk show crew.

We don't know about you, but we can't wait to see these twins! They are going to be cute!