Mariah Carey Dating Nick Cannon?

Crazy rumors just can't seem to leave Mariah Carey alone, and this latest one sort of has our jaws on the floor. According to several sources, Mariah and actor/singer Nick Cannon are an item. People magazine reports that despite denials from both Mariah's and Nick's camps, the pair were spotted getting tres cozy at a party at Privé nightclub in Las Vegas on Monday night, celebrating Mimi's BFF Da Brat's birthday.

Reportedly, Mariah was seen whispering into Nick's ear just before he took over the turntables as Privé's guest DJ. From the DJ booth, Nick gave a shout-out to Da Brat for her birthday, and then supposedly exchanged a secret message with Mimi by playing Jay-Z's "Public Service Announcement" and then singing along with the lyrics, "I got the hottest chick in the game," while making eyes at Mimi, who stood up in her booth and raised her glass of champagne towards Nick.

We know Mariah's been working very hard to look her best these days, so we don't begrudge her some younger man action. If it works for Ashton and Demi, it can work for these two, right?