Mariah Carey Celebrates Xmas in a Bikini

Why are we not that surprised to learn that Mariah Carey's idea of a typical Christmas celebration is to strip down to a teeny tiny bikini? In the latest Redbook, the singer tells the mag that her Yuletide tradition consists of getting into her best Christmas bikini (it's red, by the way) and a Santa hat, hopping in the hot tub with her best gal pals, then rolling around in freshly fallen snow before jumping back into the jacuzzi. Not so sure about the rolling around in the snow part, but all the other stuff actually sounds fun!

While we think it's totally cool that Mariah Carey takes advantage of the holidays to get in some quality R&R with her homegirls, we wonder how Nick Cannon is going to feel spending his first Christmas with his new wife. Actually, if that means he’ll get to hang out with a bunch of foxy ladies like Mariah -- all wearing bikinis while lounging in a hot tub -- we're guessing it might be his best Christmas yet!