Mariah Carey "Can't Wait to Make Nick Cannon a Dad"

Those who expect only spectacles from media darling Mariah Carey will be surprised to hear her latest plans—escaping the limelight to become a mother. Only a couple of months since her impulsive quickie marriage to Nick Cannon, the songstress told Elle "I can't wait to make Nick Cannon a dad…I couldn't imagine anybody that I've ever met being a better dad."

But don’t expect to see baby pics any time soon: Life in the Carey-Cannon family might be as top-secret as the wedding was. “You can get caught up in Hollywood-land or celebrity-land, and that's maybe not the best thing for kids, 'cause they didn't ask for it," she said. "I really feel like it's very important to be responsible and to think, 'Well, maybe if I do this it's not the best thing for my child…You have to take a backseat a little bit, and as someone in the public eye, you're not used to doing that."

It seems 38-year-old MC is displaying a mature outlook these days. Perhaps caring for 27-year-old Nick has brought out her maternal instincts!