Marc & Jennifer: The Way They Were

When news of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s split came to us on Friday night, our fantasies of perfect love popped like a balloon. We spent the weekend as if we had broken up: under the covers, eating ice cream and listening to the beautiful music Marc and Jenny once made together. To help sooth our pain (and yours) we put together a video slideshow retrospective of the Latin Royal Couple at their best—performing together. Now, can someone hand us a tissue?

EXCLUSIVE: Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez On What Their Marriage Was Like

1. J.Lo: “No Me Conoces

“No Me Conoces” (1999)

The video that started it all! Legend has it that Marc and Jennifer first met when he asked her to star as his troubled lover in this 1950’s style video—and music industry newbie Jennifer agreed, under the condition that he would record a track for her debut album On the 6. Official word is that things were strictly professional between the two back then, but history proves that this was the beginning of the couple’s epic love story.

2. J.Lo: “No Me Ames”

“No Me Ames” (1999)

This heartwrenching duet from Jennifer’s first album On the 6 seems to have held some eerily prophetic messages for the future of Marc and Jennifer’s relationship. 

3. J.Lo: "(Can't Believe) This is Me"

"(Can't Believe) This is Me" (2005)

Less than a year after they secretly wed, Jennifer and Marc wasted no time getting busy…in the recording studio. Marc co-wrote and produced this power ballad from Jennifer’s album Rebirth.

4. J.Lo: “Escapemonos”

“Escapemonos” (2005)

Soon after “(Can’t Believe) This is Me,” Jennifer returned the favor by offering guest vocals for Marc on this track from his album Amar Sin Mentiras. The newlyweds performed this duet of the song at the Grammys.

5. J.Lo: “Por Arriesgarnos”

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“Por Arriesgarnos (2007)

This single from Jennifer’s first Spanish language album Como Ama Una Mujer—produced entirely by her hubby Marc Anthony—is the only track on which they perform together. We love the video, which is a mash-up of backstage concert footage and tender home videos of the couple.

6. J.Lo: El Cantante Concert Tour, Miami

El Cantante Concert Tour, Miami (2007)

It was an intimate moment shared with tens of thousands of screaming fans. At the last stop, in Miami, of the concert tour for their film El Cantante, a glowing Jennifer and her ecstatic hubby finally admitted that they were pregnant. The couple looked ready to burst with happiness.

7. J.Lo: “Mi Gente”

“Mi Gente” (Obama Inauguration Gala, 2009)

The inauguration of President Barack Obama was an unforgettable moment for citizens across America, and Marc Anthony was one of the chosen few entertainers who performed at the Latino Inaugural Ball in the new president’s honor. We love this clip because of the cute cutaway to a dolled-up Jennifer on the side of the stage, dancing to her husband’s groove. 

8. J.Lo: “Aguanile”

“Aguanile” (American Idol Finale, 2011)

Between their palpable chemistry on stage and the tender kiss they shared at the end of their performance, Marc and Jennifer have never looked more in sync than when they performed Hector Lavoe’s “Aguanile” together on the finale of American Idol (Jennifer was a judge on the last season of the hit competition show). Who could have guessed that this was the couple’s swan song?