Marc Anthony Wanted Jennifer Lopez Back

Last week, we wondered why Marc Anthony filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez after waiting so long. While most of our reasons were lighthearted and in jest, the truth is starting to come out now that some time has passed. 

According to TMZ, sources say that Marc Anthony was holding out hope that he and J.Lo would be able to reconcile. A few weeks ago, he spoke to Jennifer Lopez to find out if she wanted to end things for good and she assured him that she did. Why? Because she's "crazy in love" with Casper Smart. Although he's been dating Shannon De Lima, Anthony was apparently surprised because he didn't know that the relationship was so serious.

It probably doesn't help Anthony's ego at all when he J.Lo and Casper getting steamy for a music video. Or when he finds out that Casper just got a truck for his birthday. Or when rumors spread that his children call Casper "daddy." Nope, none of those things can possibly feel good.

Hopefully Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez will both move on from this now that the divorce is closer to being final.