Marc Anthony Looks Forward to Reading J.Lo's Book

Last week, Jennifer Lopez revealed she was writing a book about her divorce from Marc Anthony, and now the salsa singer is speaking out.

Anthony, who is known for being very private when it comes to his personal life, had this to say: "She's the mother of my children and my friend. We continue being friends. If she thinks it's important to write this book at this time in her life, I'm going to support her as a friend and as the mother of my children."

According to Fox News Latino, Anthony said that if J.Lo planned on writing a book about her life he expected to be in it, and that he is also very much looking forward to reading it.

"I wish her the best. I have nothing personal to say. She is a marvelous woman, an incredible mother, the mother of my children. I'm crazy about reading it," he said.

Lopez and Anthony divorced in 2011 after seven years of marriage.