Marc Anthony Owes Uncle Sam Big Bucks

Jennifer Lopez’s $12 million American Idol deal came just in the nick of time for her hubby, Marc Anthony.

Marc isn’t too keen on paying Uncle Sam and the Internal Revenue Service just hit up the salsero for back taxes in the sum of 3.4 million dollars!

On March 29, the singer was reportedly hit with a tax lien on a property he owns in Long Island, New York—the same property he had a lien filed against for 1.6 million in December, 2009. Marc has a history of issues with the IRS, back in 2007, he was forced to pay around $2.5 million in back taxes.

After various news outlets got their hands on the IRS report, Marc's reps released a statement saying that they have come to an agreement with the tax agency to resolve his multi-million-dollar debt. Maybe J.Lo will get to hold on to her American Idol paycheck after all!