Marc Anthony on Max and Emme: "I'm Always Going To Be Daddy"

Tonight on ABC's Nightline, a somber and soft-spoken Marc Anthony sat down with journalist John Quinones for an exclusive interview about the singer's breakup from his wife of seven years, Jennifer Lopez. Quinones, who asked Marc several questions about what led to the breakup, also asked the singer how the split would affect his kids with Jennifer, twins Max and Emme."I'm always going to be daddy," Marc said, smiling. "They're used to me traveling and Jennifer traveling and we skype all of the time. We try to maintain that presence," he said. 

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For weeks now, there have been rumors that their breakup was the result of Marc's infidelity—first he was linked to a flight attendant, and last week, rumors surfaced online that Marc had an affair with his Hawthorne costar (and friend), Jada Pinkett Smith. Quinones asked Marc directly if there was any truth to those rumors. "It was the pilot I heard," Anthony said, making fun of the flight attendant rumors. "It was the guy sitting next to me in a rehab in Houston." Marc also vehemently denied the rumored affair with Pinkett Smith. "When something like that happens, it's laughable," he said. "We've been friends for years, Jada, Jennifer, me and {Will Smith}. What bothers me is the affect it has on the families—Will and Jada and their children, their relatives and their loved ones," he said. 

Jennifer Lopez on Split from Marc Anthony: "Together we could make magic—and we did"

Anthony said his breakup with Jennifer wasn't a decision they arrived at overnight. "It's a decision that we made jointly," he said. "It wasn't some sensationalistic happening. It was a realization on both of our parts, so it wasn't shocking."

Looking heartbroken, Anthony said, "these things happen."

Still, the talented singer says that even though they're no longer together, that doesn't mean they'll stop working together. "We met working together," he said. "We're partners for life."

He added that he'll always care about Jennifer. "I'll always love Jennifer. The important thing is she knows that," he said.