Marc Anthony Buys Jennifer Lopez $2.6 Million Diamond Earrings?

Why is it that stories of the extravagant spending habits of music's Royal Couple—Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony—never get boring? Maybe because secretly, we hope they're true. The latest rumor to hit the 'net is that Marc spent a whopping $2.6 million on a pair of diamond earrings for Jennifer, each one engraved with one of the initials of their twins, Max and Emme.

A source tells Showbiz Spy: "It's no secret that J. Lo has expensive taste, so Marc was going to have to spend a serious amount to show her how he feels."

We know we're not supposed to be fooled by the rocks that she's got, but Jenny seems like she's drifted very far from the block these days. Still, can't hate a girl for flossin'.